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I REALLY appreciate your follow up and the fact that you stand behind your product. You guys have always been responsive and I truly appreciate it. You truly are AMAZING! If you ever need a testimonial I am happy to do so.


Craigslist Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically
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Craigslist is a hot bed for marketing your business and exposing your products and services for free. This software, when used properly and responsibly, will help you achieve your marketing goals and GREATLY minimize your posting time.  You can manage and post all of your campaigns from one central location!

Automate your personal and business advertising! The Craigslist Auto Poster makes the difficult Craigslist posting process child's play and helps you manage and multi-post your ads.
GREAT FOR: Marketers, Businesses, Auto Dealers, Real Estate Professionals, and anyone wanting to maximize their exposure, market their products and services on Craigslist.  Unlike most Craigslist posters that simply do not work, this software is continually tested and updated for over TEN YEARS! We offer a fully working
demo to show you how effective the Craigslist Auto Poster is.
Seeing is believing! the Download demo today!

Meticulously maintained and tweaked by a small group of award-winning programmers. This software is the real deal! We do not mask this software with false claims, bogus testimonials or hyped up sales ads.  It does what it claims..PERIOD.

System Requirements:

  • All Windows Versions, including Windows 11: 32bit and 64bit


Program Features:     View Screenshots!

  • Campaign manager (manage and post multiple ads), easily track, manage and schedule your campaigns
  • Write, edit, and delete ads within the program. POST and DELETE / RENEW / REPOST / IMPORT preselected ads or the whole cl account. - Exclusive to this poster!
  • Internal HTML editor for feature rich ads. Instant ad preview with applied spintax and images
  • Attach images and documents (PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc) to various ads. Automatic image resizing for fast uploading.
  • Set more than 300 options and posting fields (and even GPS coordinates) for each ad or globally for all ads at once. Global ad template is also available!
  • Automated phone and email verification eliminates having to check, recheck, and verify your email and phone each time you post an advertisement
  • Manage and post multiple ads in multiple categories with body and title randomization features.
  • Works around the problem of duplicate ad posting with intelligent ad structuring®.
  • Pop3/IMAP/Web Login e-mail account support with rotating email feature - Exclusive to this poster!
  • Craigslist account support - Post and delete with one or unlimited Craigslist Accounts!
  • Save and display each ad status as reported in email
  • Uploads photos the fastest way without showing the file window
  • Optional post in all cities and categories
  • Post HTML and IMAGE ads.- Exclusive to this poster!
  • Generate reports on what postings were posted when and failed postings with links to EDIT delete each POST!
  • FREQUENT Future updates as they are needed.
  • Enhanced Ad body/Title Randomizer - Exclusive!
  • Enhanced Flagging Support
  • Numerous add-ons available to customize YOUR auto-poster to YOUR needs!
  • Many more features inside!


Exclusive Multiple email rotation module:

  • Using unlimited, multiple email addresses while posting allows your posts to be unique and MUCH less likely to get blocked or "ghosted".  Create unlimited email addresses or use a catch-all account.  


**Affiliate Program now available. Click here for details!


I really must say that your CL poster is quite phenominal. Well worth the money. I love watching it work - especially after doing it manually for such a long time. Great job!"
Robb, Penn.

Thanks and keep up the good work T. Cassidy

Thank you for the excellent support.  Really love the program!  Guess I need to spend some time with my ads, to makr them right. Right now I am having pretty good results, but I can see the difference some work up front will render. Any suggestions?

Thanks again. Clarence Whitehouse

Net Gain, I have tried every other poster on the planet and can say so far I am very pleased with Craigslist Auto Poster. Better than what else is out there. When you get a chance I would like to get some more information regarding your previous email.  Just send me a note when all is completed. Thank you.

HomeWarehouse Equity

Hello, I am trying to order Mass Comment Poster but can't access order link for some reason. Please help. Got your email about about the recent poster upgrade and that helps alot. Thanks for making great software, can I install on more than one computer?

Donald Larenzo

Great product with superior support

Reviewer: lotus4020

Makes submitting process very easy and support has been

excellent to get me going. Best response time time ever to any questions I had.


Overall a clever software.

Reviewer: ecommercesalesinc

I like the automated posting features.


I am impressed

Reviewer: znukc


This is one amazing tool.

I took the time to read all the User Guide, help files, and FAQ's before I set up Craigslist Auto Poster up yesterday. There is way more here than you advertise.

I played around with some small test posts to get it set up and keep from getting deleted, flagged or banned. Made a few tweaks and all I can say is "Wow, this is truly an amazing piece of software!" I was smiling and chuckling with delight as I watched it do its thing. A real time saver.




PLEASE NOTE:  You are responsible for your use of this software as outlined in our disclaimer/terms of use.  

CL AUTO POSTER is not designed or intended to be a spam tool, but rather to manage your ads and compaigns on


Updates in 2024
Craigslist Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically
Craigslist Auto Poster - Post ads on craigslist automatically

This Craigslist Auto Poster software makes posting Craigslist ads extremely easy! This automatic craigslist poster is a must have tool! Any type of Craigslist Autopost tool will automatically post craigslist ads. This Craigslist automatic poster software will lessen your posting time, manage your campaigns, and broaden your craigslist customer base. We respect posting craigslist ads and insist that you do not spam craigslist with any kind of autopost software!
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