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Changing the Inserted Random Words

28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


Bot Coding is variables that you can enter into the poster to create dynamic ads that will automatically generate unique content to help with your posting success.
You can add these variables located below anywhere inside your add or under "Bot Coding" Tab. For more information on how these work please view this example.
All information that you input under More Options tab is automatically saving under "Bot Coding" Tab. Your city and category selection is saving there too. Please go here
You can also use keywords/variables in ad_template.txt file (it is in the program's folder) to make keywords global, i.e. applied to all ads at once. If you input keywords above {BODY} keyword (it is template for ad body) then these keywords will override the same keywords in the ads body. If you input keywords below {BODY} keyword, then your ad's keywords will have more priority.
You can click Preview button under HTML Description tab to see the actual view of the ad without keywords (click it several times to see mutations).

Bot Coding Variables:

Variables: Description:
{WORD} Will be replaced by random word
{NUMBER} Will be replaced by long random number from 1000001 to 9999999
{CHAR} Will be replaced by random character every time the ad is posting
{DIGIT} Will be replaced by random digit
{VARIABLE5} - {VARIABLE15} Will be replaced by your custom text. CL Poster replaces them with the words from VARIABLE5.txt or VARIABLE6.txt or ... or VARIABLE12.txt (create them in the program's folder (ex. C:\claposter)).
{VARIABLE16} - {VARIABLE29} Will be replaced by your custom text. The same way as above but words are selected from files consequently, similar to !rotate{} keyword.
!random{text 1|text 2|text 3} CL Auto Poster will randomly select “text 1″ or “text 2″ or “text 3″ and replace this word with it. It can be used anywhere (title, location, email, etc). Short form is !ra{ ..|..}
1|text 2|text 3}
CL Auto Poster will use “text 1″ then “text2″ then “text 3″ and replace this word with it. It can be used anywhere (title, location, email, etc). Short form is !ro{ ..|..}
!fromfile{C:\123\123.txt} It randomly selects each line from external file (use !fromfile2{C:\123\123.txt} to rotate instead of random).
!textfromfile{C:\123\123.txt} Insert text from external file
!lipsum{12} Will be replaced by 12 random words. You may want to change the Random Words that are inserted into your ads for numerous reasons, the most being the keywords benefit for searches. To change your random words, simply browse to the folder where you installed the software, usually c:\claposter, and open lipsum.txt. This file contains many words which are seperated by a space (Put multi-word keywords in quotes). You can remove or insert as many words as you like. Just be sure to put a space between each word. You can also specify different file in the code this way !lipsum{12|MyOwnLipsum.txt}
!spin{lovely} It’ll be replaced by a random synonym of the word in brackets, for “lovely” it’s beauteous or bewitching or captivating etc..)
!fromfile{c:\docs\abc.txt} It’ll be replaced by the content of the file. You can use also web url link.
!wiki{8} Will be replaced by 8 random words from random article from wikipedia
!date{} Set the current date
!time{} Set the current time
!cityname{} Set the current city
!categoryname{} Set the current category
!currenttitle{} Get the current title and return it as a variable
!randomemails{}(!randomaccounts{}) Randomize the emails accounts CL Auto Poster is using from the rotator
!citymatch{Los Angeles|text for Los Angeles !proxy{}} Insert text or keywords only if it posts in certain city. More info

You can find more codes in the FAQ


Software Use and Responsibility: As owner of Craigslist Auto Poster you are responsible for the the use of this software as noted and outlined in our disclaimer. Craigslist Auto Poster is not designed nor intended to be used as a spam tool, though rather a ad management tool for you to post, edit, and delete your listings with Craigstlist.org.

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