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Welcome to the help section for our users of the CL Auto Poster, Backpage Auto Poster, and Kijiji Auto Poster.

Here you can find in depth tutorials, useful tips, and of course add ons to fully automate your online advertising.

If you are unable to find an answer to a question or issue you are having with our software please contact us by clicking here.

Image Changer   2847
20 Ads Posted - Guaranteed!   4464
Additional License   1899
Auto Flagger Keywords   2637
Auto IP Renew / Re-Dialer   1636
Auto Re-Post   2086
Auto Scheduler   2453
Automatic GMail Email Creator   2206
Backpage Add On   2306
Backpage Captcha Auto Entry   1410
Changing the Inserted Random Words   3134
Check Mail Now   1686
CL Emailer   1642
Creating an Image Ad   2672
Deleting Ads from Craigslist   1758
Found in Status Table   1236
FREE E-book - Power Posting on Craigslist   2379
General Settings   17059
Great Article on Ghost Posts   3065
How to Get Around Ghost Ads   2907
How to Report a Problem   1430
Inserting Invisible Text   3405
Inserting Random Text   2842
Join our Mailing List!   1327
Kijiji Poster Add On   1644
Manually Updating Your Software   1189
More Tips Download   1816
Multiple Email Rotator Setup   1944
Object Reference Not Set   1433
Proxy IP   2995
Removing CL Auto Poster Software   1497
Reset All Posts   1522
Rotating Titles and Copy in Ads   2888
Setting a Delay Between Each Ad Posting   2582
Setting Up Your Ad   3494
Setup Auto Forwarding with GMail   2206
Setup Multiple GMail Accounts   1374
Setup POP3 Access With GMail   2623
Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Posting   2456
Transferring Ads / Settings   1692
Using a Backpage account   1489
Using a Craigslist Account   2299
Using a Kijiji account   1314
Variables to Use in Ads   4518
Waiting for Email   1473

Software Use and Responsibility: As owner of Craigslist Auto Poster you are responsible for the the use of this software as noted and outlined in our disclaimer. Craigslist Auto Poster is not designed nor intended to be used as a spam tool, though rather a ad management tool for you to post, edit, and delete your listings with Craigstlist.org.

This site is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Craigslist.org. - Craigslist is a registered trademark of Craigslist, Inc.

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