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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Posting

28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


1) THE SHORTER YOUR AD DESCRIPTIONS THE BETTER CHANCE OF THEM NOT BEING GHOST/FLAGGED ADS. Craigslist uses an ad comparison scale. If one of your ads is 30% similar to another one of your ads then it wont show up. This is easy to get around! Keep your ad description as short as possible and then be sure to use random text and your ads will most likely show up!

2) Unique Email address: Use a different email address for each posting.

3) Different Ad Titles and Descriptions: You need to change the ad title each time to avoid "similar posting" error and staff deletion or the infamous “ghost” ads. By using the !title{} variable, you are able to rotate titles easily. It is also suggested to change your ad copy as much as possible.

4) IP Address: If you have the Proxy Addon that we offer then change your IP as frequently as possible. If a lot of ads are posted using a single IP then it is blocked for few hours to few days, even permanently if abused recurrently. It seems postings from foreign IPs are auto-deleted by craigslist software.

5) Titles: Titles should match with category. Using a lot of different titles are also helpful. Particularly, it reduces user flagging. And obviously user flagging leads to staff deletion.

6) Don't post more than 10-20 ads at a time. Give some time gap between each batch of postings.

7) Select your posting category properly. Postings on wrong categories are flagged and deleted so quickly.

8) To get maximum benefit select your posting time carefully. Do some research to determine approriate time for your business.

9) If your ads are flagged so frequently then make your ads more natural looking. Too much commercial looking ads may be flagged so frequently unless you are posting under "services offered" category.

10) Finally, avoid using a particular word or phrase (may be company name, phone number or email address etc...) in your titles or ad descriptions.


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