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Auto IP Renew / Re-Dialer

28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


The Auto IP Renew / Re-Dialer addon is a new addon that takes full advantage of DSL / ADSL modem (router) or dial-up capability to renew your IP address as much as needed. This is a great way to avoid getting blocked. It can also work with VPN connections. You can find your VPNs under Dial-up connection options.

Using the IPRenew / Dialer:
1. The iprenew settings are under settings tab. Click Settings Button in the iprenew section. click here for screenshot
2. Push "Save Settings" Button before closing IPRenew settings.
3. Check IPRenew checkbox under settings tab to enable IPRenew while posting.
4. Put the number of ads to post before your IPRenew/Dial-up connection is released and renewed into the "every X posts" box in the proxy section.
5. You can run external program (from batch file) for changing ip. Click here

Notes for IP Renew:
1. First make sure you have dynamic IP (you can also ask your provider about it, for example, century link support this), i.e. you can get a new IP by unpluging/pluging again your Internet cable (turning off/on DSL modem). If you can then you should use iprenew addon otherwise you should use proxy addon. You can check your IP address here http://cmyip.com/
2. You need to find the page with restart or connect/disconnect buttons in your DSL modem settings and input its url as a restart or connect/disconnect urls under settings tab in iprenew. Try google search for your model to find out url, username, password Here is example .
3. You can find more information here.

Notes for Dialer:
You should input the dial-up phone numbers in your network connections. click here for screenshot
Uncheck prompt in the properties of your dial-up connection. click here for screenshot

If you already own the base software then you can order this addon directly.

Order the Auto IP Renew / Re-Dialer


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