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28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


The auto-repost addon is essential for people who need to post ads often. Its operation is simple but its usefulness is priceless. What it does is simply delete all of the older versions of ads when you try to repost the ad again. For instance, if you post an ad campaign on Monday and then you repost that exact same ad campaign on Wednesday, the auto-repost addon will first remove all of monday's postings for that ad campaign BEFORE posting it again. This is essential to limiting your chances of getting blocked or flagged ads.

Using Auto-Repost:
Using the auto-repost addon is very simple. There is one checkbox on the POST section of the software labelled "repost old ads". When this box is checked, the software will delete previous versions of ads when you go to repost them. If there are no previous versions of ads then it simply won't do anything. Generally, its best to leave the auto-repost on all the time as it will only help your Craigslist Posting success.

For a screenshot of the Auto-Repost addon, click here.

Auto-Renew Feature:
With the auto-repost addon it has been designed to allow you to quickly renew your ads. You can renew all ads in your cl/kijiji account at once. Click "Renew all ads" button under Accounts tab for this. Please go here.
Click on repost checkbox to make the program always to use "Repost this Posting" button first and to renew if it isn't avialable.
Click on both repost and delete checkboxes to make the program to delete old ad before reposting if Repost this Posting" button is unavailable.
Click on delete checkbox to repost expired ads.
You can renew ads on schedule. To do this create a new campaign with the renewallads campaign name and add it to schedule table under settings tab.  All ads selected under your Accounts tabs will then be renewed. More info
You can "renew" all the renewable ads in the posting account after each post if you use !renewaccount{} code in the ad.
You can "renew/repost/delete" single ad by placing !renew{} or !repost{} or !del{} code in the ad.

You can use advanced settings for "renew/repost/delete" to set how many ads you want to affect. Please go here

If you already own the base software then you can order this addon directly.

Order the Auto Re-Repost



Software Use and Responsibility: As owner of Craigslist Auto Poster you are responsible for the the use of this software as noted and outlined in our disclaimer. Craigslist Auto Poster is not designed nor intended to be used as a spam tool, though rather a ad management tool for you to post, edit, and delete your listings with Craigstlist.org.

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