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28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


The Proxy IP addon is used to have your ads posted from multiple IP addresses (it is like multiple computers in different locations). It is alternative to VPN (although it is also supported, see note 12). This is helpful in many instances. Proxy server makes Craigslist/Kijiji to think that the ad is posting from another computer (proxy server).

You can add your proxy under settings tab:
Input Proxy Address and its port number with semicolon separator in the last blank row (for example,
"Address" is proxy server host name or IP.
"Port" is proxy server port number (for example, 8080).
"type": Choose proxy type ( it is HTTP proxy by default)
Enter "Login"/"Password" if you have them

A few things to Note:
1. We do not supply the IP addresses to use with the Proxy IP addon. You will need to find a proxy ip service to properly use this addon. Here is oxylabs.io or smartproxy.com
2. Login/Password isn't needed for some IPs. This will obviously depend on the IP's you are using.
3. "in case of errors" - proxy will be used if the program can't get the page.
4. "every 100 posts" - proxy will be rotated each 100 posts.
5. "always" proxy will be used for the first post too.
6. There is !proxy{} (or more advanced !proxy{}) keyword to define HTTP proxy server in your ad's body. It is !proxy{socks=} for socks proxy.
7. You can use the mac address rotator instead of proxy servers if your provider give you a new IP every time you change your Network card MAC-address. Software can change the MAC address automatically for selected Network card. It assigns random MAC address for specified network card. It is done to make your Internet provide to assign you new ip (i.e. change ip) after MAC change (but it doesn’t work for all providers). You shouldn’t use it if you get static MAC address from provider.
8. For a more information about the Proxy IP addon click here
9. You can select last row in the proxy table (Click on asterik symbol on grey field to select last row) in the program and press Ctrl+V to paste your proxy list from clipboard.
10. You can run external program (from batch file) for changing ip. Click here
11. There are private and public proxies. Private proxy is usually paid one, protected by password and its IP is used only by you. CL doesn’t know Its IP and it is not blocked. Public proxy is usually available for free in Internet and used by many people so Craigslist/Kijiji blacklists it to deny posting from it. Your proxy must also support HTTPS protocol as it is required for posting.
12. You can use OpenVPN connections instead of proxies. You need to get OpenVPN files (something like NY.ovpn) from your VPN provider first. Then install OpenVPN from here. Place your .ovpn files into the program's folder (usually C:\CLAPoster) and input NY.ovpn file names instead of proxies (you can also specify full path to the files). it should look something like this:

You should run the program as Administrator if you have issues. Right click on its desktop icon and select run as Administrator. Or select Properties and click "run as Administrator" checkbox on Compatibility tab to run it always as Administrator
13. Proxy setting will affect only Internet Explorer and the program itself unlike VPN which changes IP for all programs.
14. You can assign a proxy to use for each individual city or each account or or set 'Autoselect city by IP' option to Yes. It is under "More Options" tab (it is under Ads tab) or in the "Global Settings" section (it is under Settings tab). You can also use search filter above its table for quick search there
15. Click Check IP here to see if your proxy/VPN is detected

If you already own the base software then you can order this addon directly.

Order the Proxy IP



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