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How to Get Around Ghost Ads

28 December 2016
Wednesday, 4 february 2024


"Ghost" ads are a relatively new phenomenon on Craigslist. They are ads that appear to be published, but yet do not show up on craigslist when looking on the site. They also dont receive a "flagged" email from craigslist.
*NOTE* If you are experiencing ghost ads when using the software please understand that you would be getting the same ghost ads if you posted those same ads by hand. You need to take the following recommendations whether you are posting by hand or with our software.

The Cause
The ad has been detected by craigslist as a "spam" ad and it is simply not displayed on the website, rendering the ad useless.

The Cure:
Finding the reason why your ad was "ghosted" is the first step in getting around it. Your ad could have been considered spam for numerous reasons:
  • You posted too many ads with the same or similar Titles. This is usually the case. It is advised to rotate titles.
  • Your ad description was too similar. It is advised to rotate ad description. You can also try to add more random text to your ads by putting this at the bottom of your ad:


  • Your email address is blocked from craigslist. You need to either use a new address or rotate emails.
  • You have a weblink in your ads that craigslist has detected as being spammed. You should change your weblink by purchasing another .com domain name and forwarding it to your real website. You can also try to find a URL shortening service for free.
  • You have a specific piece of text in your ads that craigslist has added to their spam list. This could be your company name, your phone number, your slogan, etc... You should try to change the format of items that you think may be blocked. For instance, change your ad's phone number from (444) 444-4444 to 444.444.4444 or something of that nature.
  • Your IP Address is blocked from craigslist. You need to either wait until it is unblocked(usually 48 hours) or you need to purchase the Proxy IP addon.
Using this list of possibilities, you should be able to eliminate one-by-one the cause of your ads being ghosted. When trying to find out what the cause is, it's advisable to post only one ad with one change per ad. If your ad shows up on craigslist then that is likely the cause of the problem. If not, then go down the list and try another change.

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